Saturday, December 4, 2010

Your Neighbor's Kid and his Power Wheels Never had a Chance: Motorized Toy Classics

Is your child a fan of driving 1950's Jags while wearing a Herringbone blazer and smoking a bubble pipe? Perhaps with a nice set of driving gloves and goggles? If so, or if you simply deem Power Wheels too plebeian for your progeny, then the Harrington Group and Pocket Classics have something for you (and the kid, should he be home from boarding school in Switzerland).
Both shops have a similar selection of classics such as a Porsche 356, Jaguar E-Type, 300 SL, Willys Jeep, and Bugatti T35 in which your child can stylishly cruise around the country club.
No word on price from the Harrington Group, but keep reading and you'll see how it could probably end up pretty steep. Each car features a composite chassis and body, "can be driven by anyone 6 and up" (hell yes!), is offered with automatic or manual transmissions, and is powered by various engines (from 50-cc up to racing kart engines). Also, the power unit can be upgraded over time.
The rest of the features make these little spoiled bastard-mobiles better than my daily driver (really...REALLY). Said features include: disc brakes, electric start, reverse gear, working lights / horn, rack and pinion steering, an optional leather interior, 6-month warranty, and a damn fitted car cover.
The Jag and Bugatti get some special options, too, other than available racing numbers; personalized plates, national flags, and carpet are on available on the Jaguar, while the Bugatti can get brass knockoffs and a brass brake handle (the basic one is poor-man's turned aluminum), a wood-rim steering wheel, racing exhaust, and white wall tires.
They even make push scooters, but for that info you'll have to click the link. This is a car site, Richy Rich.
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