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Upcoming 2012 Cars Audi S6 Preview With specification and prices

Upcoming 2012 Cars Audi S6 Preview With specification and prices

Audi lovers have been served a new bite of alphabet soup this year: ASF II. It stands for Audi Space Frame, but you could think of it as Aluminum and Steel Frame too. Either way, by the time the Upcoming 2012 Cars Audi S6 hits the showroom floor next fall, enthusiasts will have digested the fact that having a frame that is half the weight of steel yet has strength one and half times greater is a technology to be reckoned with. When the frame is paired with the S series suspension system, the result is that designing a car for performance makes it more comfortable at the same time.

Performance Features

Instead of the V10 that was popular in the 2011 sedan, Upcoming 2012 Cars S6 will be propelled by a 4.2L, 40-valve, DOHC V8 engine with a compression ratio of 11.0:1. That supplies a torque of 310 foot-pounds at 3400 rpm. The horsepower is 340 at 6000 rpm.

Exterior Specifications

Other features new to the Upcoming 2012 Cars model are chiefly techie gadgetry and options, not changes in body style. It is keeping its visually appealing integrated spoiler and LED running lights. But for Upcoming 2012 Cars, owners will be able to opt for a Motorola® hands-free phone or a global positioning navigation system.

The Audi S6, a sportier high performance version of the A6, went on sale in Europe in 1994. Its resale value follows a pattern common to high performance luxury cars; after a big drop in value in the early years, a steady demand for high performance bargains begins to level out the fall. Buyers of the Upcoming 2012 Cars S6 may have another bargaining chip though. The next-generation S6 for 2013 is expected see a horsepower bump to 450. That could give a shrewd haggler the opportunity to get better upfront pricing on the Upcoming 2012 Cars.

Make and Model: Audi S6
Year: 2006
Engine Type: 5.2 Liter V10
Torque: 398.3lb-ft@3000-4000rpm
Acceleration 0-60: 5.0 s
Suspension: Wishbones w/Adj Air Springs, Tube Shocks, Anti-Roll Bar
Wheel Base: 112.1 inches
List Price: $72,000
Horsepower: 420bhp@6800rpm
Top Speed: 155 mph
Brakes: ABS, vented disc
Transmission: 6 Speed Tiptronic
Weight: 4211 lbs

Audi S6 DrivingAudi S6 Side


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