Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upcoming 2012 Cars Audi TT Preview with specification and prices

Upcoming 2012 Cars Audi TT Preview with specification and prices

Although the coupe will be the only car body available for the TT RS in Upcoming 2012 Cars, historically, the company has always had dozens of different TTs stuffed on the lots, including all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, stick shift, dual-clutch automatic, and convertible.

Audi has always traded on the technical abilities of its cars, as epitomized by the German company’s famous slogan: “vorsprung durch technik.”
Audi’s cars have won numerous accolades and most recently, in September 2012, Esquire magazine awarded the 2012 Audi S4 their “car of the year” prize.

Exterior Features

The Upcoming 2012 Cars Audi TT RS will only be available in one body style – the Coupe. That is a hard-topped sports car with two doors. Audi has reassured enthusiasts that the body’s basic package will remain unchanged; the bespoke sport suspension and award-winning 340-horsepower engine aren’t going anywhere.

The cars will all come with rear spoilers as standard, and they will boast 18-inch tires shod with 245/40 tires. Audi of America has stated that the company is still defining exactly which features will be available to U.S. consumers.

The Audi TT is now in its second generation — and both generations have been available in two car body styles; as a 2+2 Coupé, or two-seater Roadster. They have been built on consecutive generations of the Volkswagen Group A platform, starting with the A4 (PQ34). As a result of this platform-sharing, the Audi TT has identical powertrain and suspension layouts as its related platform-mates; this includes a front-mounted transversely orientated engine, front-wheel drive or quattro permanent four-wheel drive system, and fully independent front suspension using MacPherson struts.


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