Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poonam Jhawer

Poonam Jhawar (born 14 August 1969 in Mumbai) is a Hindi film actress and model.

Poonam Jhawar is a small time film-maker, singer, actress and model of Bollywood. She has not only acted as Female Lead in a few flop and little-known in Hindi movies and a bit role in the 1994 Superhit Mohra, but also acted in some South Indian films.

Recently, she claimed that she was approached by the Playboy Magazine for an exposed shoot and she would be the first-ever Bollywood actress to pose in Playboy Magazine.

Poonam Jhawar has recently entered in the music industry and has launched her debut album, titled “Poo Ka Jalwa”.

In the modeling field she has worked in many ad-commercials like Killer Jeans, Dove soap, sarees and dress materials etc.

She is fondly called Poo by her friends. Poonam Jhawer appears to be a porn star from these pics & one can call her an aged aunty. I did not know the existence of aunty Poo till now. And when I discover something, I make sure that you all see that thing as well.


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