Monday, December 6, 2010

Lincoln to Reveal MKZ Hybrid at this Week's New York Auto Show

The Detroit News reports that FoMoCo will be revealing the MKZ Hybrid in New York, the Blue Oval's "first luxury hybrid".What you can expect is a Ford Fusion (or Mercury Milan), but with whatever passes for upscale Lincoln trim.
Chris Lemley, owner of dealerships in the Boston metro area, says, "I thought they should have done it before." Obviously, but as for getting people out of Lexus dealerships and onto Lincoln lots, "It depends on how fast they can get it to us...I'm also hoping that it will be priced competitively."
The MKZ Hybrid will have to be priced competitively, otherwise you'll have the same issue Lincoln dealers have been having with Ford and its SHO: same car, less money for the Blue Oval.
Sure, the MKZ Hybrid is all fun and good, but if Lincoln could get its act together design-wise, that would be great. The MKZ looks outdated as-is, and the Navigator stands out like a sore thumb. Oh well, I guess a hybrid in the lineup can't hurt.
- By Phil Alex
Via: Detnews
* Non-Hybrid 2010 Lincoln MKZ Shown in Photo Gallery


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