Thursday, December 23, 2010

Katrina Kaif & Farrah Khan promote Tees Maar Khan on Masterchef

The dumb bitch makes a grand entry in Masterchef. Well I call her a bitch, cause she doesn't like to be called hard-working & I call her dumb cause I don't have much choice.

Nobody looks nice, but Katrina Kaif is very happy. Many people say Akshay Kumar is her real love, but Twinkle jee would never let anything happen.
Women have given bad & constipated expressions. Akshay looks good in this one. Katrina Kaif seems Nag rani & Farrah Khan was trying to smile I suppose but somebody had already clicked.
Even she looks better in this pic. Which reminds me that she is such a dumb fuck. She mentioned that both Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar didn't look at her in one song. Are men supposed to look at her all the time? And she doesn't even know the story correctly. A train of antiques is a train of gold in her fucked up mind. One thing's for sure. She never liked Salman Khan. He's the one who's still mad about her. He has that 'fida tuj pay dil mera' attitude towards her.

These are all very hazy pics. And these men are not much fun to look at. They must all be sycophants of Akshay Kumar.


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