Monday, December 6, 2010

Is the New Lancia Stratos for Real? C&D Thinks So

"Confirmed info". That's with the man in your head doing the finger quote thing. "Confirmed info" is what we've got so far regarding the potential revival of a modern monster (the Lancia Stratos, that is). The best part? It's a claim coming from one of the big dogs in the magazine industry, the kind with insiders, contacts, and all that.
Here are the facts: there are spy shots, lots of rumors, and just a few legitimate hopes that a Stratos revival is legit. Hell, maybe just a few secret phone calls are being made (like, right now as you read this) in order to put a down payment on a model that could marl the return one of the greatest names in rallying history. If it's real, good luck to the owners, and if it's not, then oh well.
Unregardless* here's an idea: let's just leave it as something that, for the time being, is fun to speculate about. However, short of Fiat saying it somehow has the cash to justify bringing back both Chrysler and a halo car for the currently-sports-less Lancia brand, let's go with one group's theory: it could be a coach-built one-off (or five-off) for some well-to-do individuals.
By Phil Alex
Via: Caranddriver , Photos: Fiatblog


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