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First Date Ideas

One of the most important things about a first date is the location. Choosing an interesting and unique place could really make or break a date. Below is an article that lists lots of fun dating activities and places.

Your first date is next Friday and you are trying your damnedest to prepare for it. Of all the things you must take care of — what to wear, how to smell, choosing the right time, and so on — what is the most important thing to remember?
You need some first date ideas: As taught in every business class around the world, the most important thing to remember is location, location, location.
where to go? No matter how much you try to look your best and spit shine your car for that extra gloss, you are only as good as what you have to offer. This means that the slickest and smoothest talker has to follow up with fun and original first date ideas.
Remember the saying, “Actions speak louder than words?” Well, it couldn’t be any truer in this situation. You might rant about how much you enjoy extreme sports and living life in the fast lane, but when the first date comes around, in-line skating starts to seem like a pretty tame and unoriginal idea. What does this say about your personality? It mainly shows that you are not who you claim to be, not to mention that you don’t seem to be that much fun from the get-go. On a blind date, the stakes are even higher, as you will be judged from the word go.
So, to make sure that all Date.Info readers are equipped with a guide on places to go and things to do on a first date, we proudly present the bronze, silver and gold of the top 15 first date ideas.

Bronze first date ideas
1- The beach
If you’re the type who likes to see what she’s all about right away, then take her to the beach. This is the perfect way to enjoy the sun, show off your new swimsuit and see what she looks like in a bikini. And if all else fails, there is still enough eye candy to keep you busy.
2- Billiards
If you feel like you’re the best thing to happen to billiards since the cue-stick after seeing Tom Cruise in The Color Of Money, why not invite her to play some pool with you? This is an interesting setup to secure a second date. You can raise the stakes by saying, “Whoever loses the game must cook supper for the other.” And just like that, you’ve got yourself a second round of love.
3- Mini golf
If you can’t tell the difference between a wedge and an iron, maybe miniature golf is the way to go. A cheap and fairly easy “sport,” it allows for some physical contact when you have to give her a crash course on how to hold the putter.
4- Concert
Although first dates should emphasize conversation in order to get to know each other, some loud music and screaming people might be an alternative. Let’s say your favorite band comes to town for one night only, which is incidentally the same night you are supposed to go on your first date with the girl, then take her to the show and kill two birds with one stone.
5- Amusement park
Even if amusement parks are generally aimed at children, who says that grown adults can’t engage in some childish fun? Take her for a spin on the Ferris wheel or win her a big ol’ teddy bear, and she won’t have a chance to get bored.

Silver first date ideas

6- Picnic
Good first date ideas need not involve a second mortgage on your home. It can simply be a quiet get together that allows for stimulating conversation, such as a picnic, which is also a good venue for you to show off your sandwich-making skills and your sangria expertise.
7- Casino
Just imagine going to the casino with your woman and having her blow on your dice. It’s a nice feeling to double-down at Black Jack and come out of there with a pocket full of cash. Beware: easy come, easy go. And we’re not only talking about the money.
8- Go-karting
Why not test her driving skills? F1 karting is an exciting and fairly cheap way to test her road abilities and take her for a ride. You can pretend that you’re Michael Schumacher and that the F1 babes are cheering you on!
9- Golf
Golf may be one of the most relaxing sports you could engage in with your date. You can show off your Tiger Woods-like expertise golf tips. Remember that non-sweaty activities are the way to go because your woman won’t want to feel sticky and gooey — this might put a damper when you’re going for par, if you know what we mean.
10- Psychic
Women love to know about the future, their karma and all that mumbo jumbo. Get her palm read and have her find out if somebody close to her is going to win the lottery or if a new love is coming into her life. If that’s the case, then it will save you plenty of headaches, not to mention dollar bills, as to whether or not she actually likes you.
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