Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Autobianchi History and Models

Autobianchi (Italian spelling: [autobjaŋki]) is an Italian automotive company, founded by Bianchi, Pirelli and Fiat in 1955. This company produces only very few models during standing, and most produce a small car. Its products are quite famous is the Autobianchi A111, a small sedan. Autobianchi priced products are more expensive than most current Fiat product, because it used the Fiat brand to test new cars and concept cars.The models ever made Autobianchi include: Bianchina (1957-1970), Stellina (1964-1965), Primula (1964-1970), A111 (1969-1972), A112 (1969-1986), and Y10 (1985 - 1996).

Autobianchi brand has disappeared from the market in 1996. 

Autobianchi Bianchina Classico
1964 Autobianchi Stellina
1964-1970 Autobianchi Primula
Autobianchi A112 (1969-1986)

Autobianchi A112 E (1969-1986)

Autobianchi Y10 Serie 1992


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